Choosing the Right Tiling Materials for your Kitchen or Bathroom

Ceramic, vinyl, or parquet? Cork or carpet? What substrate? Which adhesive? The more you know about the various kinds of tile, the easier it will be for you to answer these questions and design and install a practical and durable surface. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Tiling Materials for your Kitchen or Bathroom”

Interior Design Projects Using Wooden Crates

I really like wooden crates. They offer such natural intrigue and they’re so valuable for capacity and different things. Regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast of modern enriching or you incline toward French nation or a vintage look, there are various ways that you can fuse wooden crates into your finishing. Continue reading “Interior Design Projects Using Wooden Crates”

Fun Stuff to Make from Recycled Europallets

Europallets are a great stepping stone into the wonderful world of upcycling and recycling because they don’t require much woodwoorking skills and they are cheap to pick up… or even free if you’re lucky. The key to a successful pallet project is a good sander. Continue reading “Fun Stuff to Make from Recycled Europallets”