Europallets are a great stepping stone into the wonderful world of upcycling and recycling because they don’t require much woodwoorking skills and they are cheap to pick up… or even free if you’re lucky. The key to a successful pallet project is a good sander. Since they’re not intended for home use, pallets are knocked together using unfinished wooden planks. If you build with untreated pallets, you will have splinters all over your body. Ouch!

Lounger Chair

You will need 3 Europallets and a bit of paint to complete this DIY project.

Europallets DIY

Rabbit Hutch

This is not a project for newbies. If you have a few upcycling builds under your belt, you can read full instructions here.Europallets DIY

Patio Furniture

The set displayed on the photo will require 10 pallets and some screws to hold it all together.

Europallets DIY

Make Garden Furniture with Europallets

This one is similar to the previous project, however it’s more upmarket. The pallets have had nice finish, proper outdoor paint and it’s all finished with DIY cushions to make the furniture more comfortable.

Europallets DIY


Conservatory Furniture

It’s not just outdoor furniture that you can make from pallets. If they’re done to a high standard and painted nicely, it is feasible to use them as indoor furniture.Europallets DIY


Another example of recycled furniture for a patio or conservatory.Europallets DIY

Make a Serving Trolley from Pallets

This one is pretty simple. All you need is a pane of toughened glass and four heavy-duty furniture casters. Everything else is down to your imagination.

Europallets DIY

If you have done any interesting projects involving Europallets, please add your comments below.

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